Checco Zalone

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The new single by Checco Zalone is “Immigrant”: the text of the song that anticipates the film “Tolo Tolo” (VIDEO)

And’ released the new single by Checco Zalone, titled “Immigrant” that anticipates the film at the cinema “Tolo Tolo”. The latter will arrive in theaters on the 1st day of January 2020. But how much of the film in the single-Checco Zalone “Immigrant”? In truth it seems that it is the setting that the...


Big Brother Vip 2017, advances to the final episode

Feed Released from KontroKulturaNo movement for the last episode of GF Vip 2017, 4 December. Who are the five finalists? No surprise and no displacement: in contrast to the advances of tv over the past few days, in fact never confirmed by Channel 5, the final episode of Big Brother Vip 2017 does not...

Checco Zalone choose Luino for his new movie. At the start of the auditions, the filming will begin in may

(Peter Best) Is the official. Will begin in may, on the lago Maggiore, and exactly in a residential area, the shooting of the new film by Luca Medici, in arte Checco Zalone. In the country's lake the race to auditions, in the hope of being able to participate in the new film. Checco Zalone choose Luino...