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Mice: A small story, here's the remake of the Lord of The Rings with mice

The boys of ISART DIGITAL have given new life to a short video that recreates scenes from the most iconic de the Lord of The Rings that are the protagonist of the cute little mice and a Sauron, feathery, all made in CGI. May of the " manage the power of a mysterious ring found in a gallery? Look at this...


Gundam Rx-78 Prototype 01: let's look at the fanmade Italian film, prequel of mobile suit Gundam

Finally arrives online the first part of Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78 Prototype 01 – Side Story, the movie fan made CGI created by the Italian Antonio Vallorani, dedicated to the origins of the celebrated franchise Sunrise. Here are the Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78 Prototype 01 – Side Story – First Part, the...

Game of Thrones: here's how was born the army of the undead, thanks to computer graphics!

A video shows us the special effects made in computer graphics for the creation of the army of the undead, the Game of Thrones in the Battle of the frozen lake A few days ago we showed you a featurette of the behind the scenes of Game of Thrones 7 in which he was shown the construction of one of the...