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Students of the “City of Luino” and the CFP together to “Clean up the world”

Also this year, the institute “Carlo Maria – the City of Luino” says yes to the green day “Clean up the world“, an initiative at the national level leads students to explore the issues of environmental character, and to bring them on the streets of their cities, to verify the level of application of...


Sunday school children of Luino, together for the “Feast of Friendship”

Sunday, April 15, from 14.30, will be held at the Primary School of Luino Centre the now characteristic Celebration of the end of the year, a time of sharing and strongly desired by the parents and teachers that attend on a daily basis under the motto of “Friendship, Acceptance, and Tolerance.“ Also...

The Red Cross of Luino are still in schools: lessons to the youth of the CFP

Signed the agreement between the Province of Varese and the Italian Red Cross of Luino that will bring the young volunteers of the Cri to do the training to the guys in the Cfp, on the basis of the experiences and training similar is already implemented in some schools in the city. During the meetings...