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Luino and Voldomino, after reports extraordinary maintenance in the cemeteries

In the next few days, the cemeteries of Luino and the fraction of Voldomino will be affected by a number of extraordinary maintenance interventions that involve different areas of the two places. To communicate today it is the Administrative Sector of the municipality, while it goes back to last Tuesday,...


200 thousand euros by the municipality to enlarge the Cemetery of Maccagno Inferiore

The cemeteries are those sacred places, where peace reigns, where all the dead are honored by relatives, friends or acquaintances, with a flower or a prayer, with the aim to remember the life. As in the cities, even in the mountain villages, there are some necessary operations and maintenance extraordinary...

2 Deck Battles between Clans stronger with the Golem, a Cemetery, Rocket, Valkyrie

If you play on Clash Royale you will know the destructive power of the Deck to the Golem Cemetery and as you have determine it works very well even in the Battles between the Clans, but not enough. In this strategy we will use with a Deck for player 2 (your ally) that will compensate for the shortcomings...