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GF Vip 2017: Ivana and Luca are closer

Feed Released from KontroKulturaThe model has left the boyfriend, and admits to be good with the former tronista. Ivana and Luca new pair? Ivana Mràzova and Luca Onestini are the new couple in the Big Brother Vip 2017? For now, neither of the two admits it openly, but there are many clues and, above...


Cecilia Rodriguez, and Ignazio Moser from messages to kisses ends up all on the social (Photo)

To keep high the attention towards them Ignazio Moser, and Cecilia Rodriguez must be the most possible with their love (photos). To turn off the cameras in the Gf Vip 2017 it is necessary to remain afloat, because if you do not know how to dance, sing, act and also you are not even more so nice it remains...

Big Brother Vip 2017 news: Cecilia Rodriguez, the words of shock on Francis

Feed Released from KontroKulturaDespite being happy next to Ignazio Moser, Cecilia Rodriguez hopes his ex has an opportunity in tv, he has Not won, but has found a new great love, and so Cecilia Rodriguez is happy of his experience at Big Brother Vip 2017. But now that you are enjoying the first days...