Cecilia rodriguez

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Cecilia Rodriguez ate up to being sick and then vomit, confess the problems with the food (Photo)

And’ a bit’ not seen Cecilia Rodriguez on tv and the host of the first episode of Reveal is back to trusting things never said before, problems related to food (photos). We talk about issues now resolved, the bulimia. The argentine model has confided to Lorella Boccia a part of his past that, for shame,...


Cecilia Rodriguez, and Ignazio Moser to Come to me so many moments of embarrassment for Stefano Iannone and others (Photos)

Beautiful but afraid to Come to me Cecilia Rodriguez, and Ignazio Moser of jealousy and comments about the couples in Belen and Stefano De Martino, Andrea Iannone and Giulia De Lellis, Jeremias Rodriguez and Soleil (photo). Jealousy of Cecilia knew, and perhaps also of the rest but when it touches on...

Ignazio Moser Who: from the marriage with Cecilia to the dreams in the drawer

Ignazio Moser gave a new interview to the weekly magazine Chi, where he talked of many topics: from his better half, Cecilia Rodriguez and his future with her, her work projects but he also said something about Giulia De Lellis! Curious to know the words of Ignatius in this propostito? And then let's...