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Comi of Luino, Duratorre resigned for incompatibility: replaces Sara Piemonti

Changes in sight for the new Board of Directors of the Monsignor Comi of Luino, elected at the end of September after a long process of transition that has led the institution out of period by a commissioner headed by Maurizio Pesenti. It took six years of sacrifice to bring back the economic situation...


Alitalia, here are the commissioners: the bridge loan of 600 million for six months. Calenda: “Attentive to citizens ' money”

The minister for Economic Development Carlo Calenda has prepared today with the decree, the admission of Alitalia to the extraordinary administration according to the law decree Marzano. With the same decree, the state appointed a board of commissioned, composed by Luigi Gubitosi, Enrico Laghi and Stefano...

The situation is serious, Alitalia will be commissariata. Hogan: “Made”

The Board of directors of Alitalia has unanimously adopted a resolution to submit an application for admission to the extraordinary administration procedure as set forth by the law. It is the company at the end of the board meeting, which was held after the Meeting of the shareholders of the company....