Case roberta ragusa

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Case Roberta Ragusa: Sara Shoemaker for the first time on tv at the Fourth Grade

For the first time on television, Sara Shoemaker was a guest of the Fourth Degree, the program, conducted by Gianluigi Nuzzi. A few hours after the judgment of the Supreme court regarding the guilt or innocence of Antonio Logli for the murder of Robera Ragusa and the concealment of his corpse, the companion...

Alessia, the daughter of Roberta Ragusa: “you will remain with us if dad will be in prison”

“I moved because reviewed those videos I remember of the things that I did with mom,” said Alessia, the daughter of Roberta Ragusa in the first round of the Fourth Degree in the wave on the 28th of June 2019. For the first time on television together with his brother Daniel, the daughter of Roberta spoke...