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Top Speed 2: Racing Legends – car racing multiplayer

Frantic car races await you with the “Top Speed 2: Racing Legends”, an interesting game designed and graphically compatible with both iPhone and iPad. Whether you are at the beach, in the mountains or sitting on the couch at home, each of you will participate in fast-paced car racing game Top Speed 2:...


Block of diesel engines, changing the rules: pardoned the elderly and the disadvantaged

Fight the smog and pollutants without making it impossible for life to the people and reduce their mobility. This is the waiver filed in the past few days at the Palazzo Lombardia on the retainer programmed vehicles the most polluting. Exceptions will be made, among others, for the elderly, population...

The accident, between Luino and Porto, involved with two girls. Inconvenience to the circulation

An accident happened today, around 12.30, in the territory of the municipality of Brezzo di Bedero, where he faced two cars. You do not know the dynamics of the accident, but to remain involved were two young girls of 19 and 20 years old. There were firefighters of the detachment of Luino, to [...]The...