Carlotta mantovan

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Carlotta Mantovan, for her, a program on Rai and the joy of those who do not forget Fabrizio Frizzi (Photo)

A little bit, we all hoped that Carlotta Mantovan became part of the family, Rai, and Tvblog anticipates that the news even if not yet official, is already in black and white (photo). From heaven, Fabrizio Frizzi, smile some, and perhaps exclaim his “wonderful” following the latest concerning his Carlotta,...


Carlotta Mantovan and the small Star begin again together: the first outputs after the death of Fabrizio Frizzi (PHOTO)

The number of Diva and Donna on newsstands this week have been published the first photos of Carlotta Mantovan and the small Star after the death of Fabrizio Frizzi. It's been almost a month since that tragic moment. The news of the death of Fabrizio Frizzi has upset the whole of Italy: suffice it to...

Rita From the Church: if Carlotta wants I'll be his sister because Fabrizio Frizzi had become a brother (Photos)

To the magazine about Rita From the Church (photo) admits that he still asks if the death of Fabrizio Frizzi is a thing that happened really. Knows that no longer has a role to stay so bad,” but adds that pain is pain and those who addressed the condolence responds that the hand to Carlotta. And for...