Car is autonomous

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The car is stand-alone Apple could have a driver remote in case of an emergency

A new patent from Apple reveals the possibility that a car is autonomous it may pass control to a remote operator in the event of an emergency, so you can get to a hospital or other place in a quick and safe way. In the case of an emergency, drivers will have the opportunity to go as fast as possible,...


Other companies propose modifications to the policy for the use of the car is autonomous

In addition to Apple, many other companies have contacted the Mororizzazione american for changes to the regulations for the use of the car is autonomous: Ford, Uber, Tesla are just some of them. Yesterday, in a dedicated article, we reported that Apple has already requested changes to the policy relative...

The car is stand-alone “train” in GTA V

More and more manufacturers invest in the car to guide the autonomous cars “that take from the sun the dream of many boys and girls from the ’80s onwards. Who has never dreamed of a car like KITT that takes you from one anywhere we want?In order to secure the guide stand-alone, however, are still required...