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CarPlay only subscription on BMW car

From today, Apple's CarPlay will be an opt-in service only, on subscription, on many BMW cars. Here are all the details. BMW is the first carmaker to offer CarPlay only behind a subscription, with maturity linked to the payment of the monthly costs. The news was enabled with the last update of the infotainment...


Fault for a car Apple Maps in Italy

Among the various car Apple Maps around Italy, has suffered damages to the system of cameras that have forced the engineers to stop in that of Roseto in the Abruzzi. As reported by Cityrumors, the technicians aboard the car were forced to stop along the statale Adriatica. The two operators have worked...

The collision between a minivan and a car on the highway in Maccagno, also involved three young

An accident occurred yesterday evening, Wednesday, October 24, around 22, on state route 394 in the territory of the municipality of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca. For reasons yet to be ascertained, not very far to the hydroelectric power plant of Roncovalgrande, a minivan with license plates of switzerland,...