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Nadia Toffa: ‘a Few months of life? I cease to treat me and I go to the sea...’

The presenter of ‘Le Iene Show’ and received criticism on social When Nadia Toffa has communicated to the public to be affected by a tumor, his fans would do anything to stay by her neighbors. In the last period, however, now that his health conditions have improved, the journalist had of the clashes...


Lung cancer: discovered effective vaccine

A vaccine cuban could give new hope for the treatment of lung cancer. The new therapeutic vaccine, called CIMAvax-EGF, was tested on 5 patients from ricecatori of the Centre for Molecular Immunology (CIM). In particular, was tested against lung cancer advanced cell is not small, one of the most aggressive...

‘That's how I discovered that I had a tumor’: the revelation, the shock of Albano Carrisi

It is not easy to accept for someone like him to be sick. But Albano still wanted to tell the story of his drama to encourage all to prevention In an interview some time ago issued on the weekly ‘Today‘, Albano Carrisi, in art Al Bano tells all of his or her illness, the cancer that he discovered almost...