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Belen Rodriguez, the incident direct to You is que vales: here's what happened

The showgirl argentina back to talk to him for one sexy shot Yesterday evening live on Channel 5 Belen Rodriguez presented the final of You you que vales with Martin Castrogiovanni. Alessio Sakara, however, was not present because he had to compete in a race to Genoa. The showgirl argentina was abroad...


Ilary Blasi, embarrassing: caught in the dressing room of the Big brother as well – Photos

Ilary Blasi was photographed in the dressing room in the dressing room a few hours after the direct in the dressing room, shooting stolen was Ilary Blasi, now you do not show up without the wig. The shot, however, made a few hours after the live episode of Big Brother Vip the frigate. Ilary without the...

Blake Lively eats donuts in the dressing room

Photo: @ Instagram/ Blake LivelyIt must have been the pregnancy to tickle Blake Lively a certain “something good”?In recent days, the star of “Gossip Girl” has arrived on the set of his new advertising campaign for L'oreal and, in the dressing room, not able to resist the urge of the donuts.So, between...