Bus service

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Monteviasco, “pending a report on the cable car, to work, to the bus-Luino-Curiglia”

In the past few days, the Lombardy Region has approved the budget 2019-2021, in which was included the order of the day, presented by councillor James Cosentino, about Curiglia con Monteviasco, struck by the tragedy of the cable car that caused the death of Silvano Commission, and for which in the past...

Autolinee Varesine, changes to the bus service during the christmas period

With the approach of the christmas holidays, the bus service Autolinee Varesine respond to the usual changes of time that will also be made to the routes in the luino area. In the period from Monday 24 December to Saturday 5 January, the lines N10 and N11 (Varese-Ghirla-Luino/Ponte Tresa) will follow,...


Castelveccana, problems with registration of children to school. Parents request a waiver

Laws, regulations, bureaucracies, and available resources. These are the five factors that some families of Castelveccana must be kept in mind for the enrolment of their children to the school year 2018/2019. The problem is related to the number of members of the middle School, since, from what has been...