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By the Committee, for the hospital of Cuasso al Monte is a project of re-structure

In occasions devoted by the directors to the topic of health, both at local and regional level, the debate on the future of the hospital of Cuasso al Monte is constantly renewing its position of priority. It shows the meeting with the mayors of varese councillor lombardo and Welfare, Giulio explore the...

Luino, Thursday, brings together the city council. Many issues will be addressed

After the joint meeting of the Committees of the board, the Budget, the Promotion of tourism, Culture and Commerce” and “Territory”, scheduled for today at 18.30, Palazzo Serbelloni will be the turn of the new session of the municipal Council luino area, scheduled for the evening of Thursday, July 26....

Luino, in the city council minority to ask for more resources for the suburbs and hamlets

A council river that took place yesterday evening at the Palazzo Serbelloni, because of the many issues included on the agenda, including priority areas and delicate for the collective interest, and several important innovations, beginning from the opening of the session. The minority and the majority,...