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Pies for all tastes

In the Italian culinary tradition there are many, of all types. We are talking about the pies! Delicious boxes of pastry or brisèe, which encloses a delicious filling! Here are some delicious ideas, you can also prepare in advance for your guests!A salt cake in the shape of a loaf pan, orange, as its...

Crostini: recipes for all tastes!

That is an aperitif or a dinner with friends, the appetizers are always full of sandwiches with pate and creams. Often, perhaps always the same, and you buy ready made at the supermarket. On iFood here are many ideas to impress your guests with pates or creams on the classics, but also special and...


10 recipes with Mushrooms

Mushrooms in Italian cooking are important, a natural extension from the earth and its fruits, from our tables, every region has its favorites, depending on the conformation of the territory and consequently the type of fungus most common in the place, are living organisms biologically similar to vegetable.Among...