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The release of Avengers 4 will be brought forward to April 2019?

The release of Avengers 4 may have been anticipated, with the phil Marvel is ready to make his debut at the cinema a little before the announced date of up to this time, namely, that of the may 3, 2019. The publication of the financial report, quarterly, of the company, IMAX, has perhaps revealed that...


Watch 43 times the Avengers: Infinity War cinema, and was invited to the première of Avengers 4!

The Twitter user Nem: The Infinity Watcher is an avid fan of Marvel comics, and when the last film of the Avengers, has arrived in the halls, 43 days ago, went daily to the cinema watching 43 times the Avengers: Infinity War! A fan Marvel has looked 43 times the Avengers: Infinity War and was awarded...

After Avengers: Infinity War, the brothers Russo have disappeared “mysteriously” from the social

Avengers: Infinity War is joined in the film by a few weeks and, after almost pounding for the promotion of the film, all of the social profiles of Anthony and Joe Russo seem to “vanish into nothing”. No more posts, photos or tweets to the brothers Russian by Linking today to the account Facebook, Instagram...