Bradley Beal

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Wittman pays for all of: Washington starts again from Brooks, but the real goal is to KD!

What has been the biggest disappointment of the regular season NBA 2015/2016? We could cite a multitude of exemptions, but almost all of them can boast of the mitigating circumstances. The Bucks, for example, have paid the penalty of inexperience of their roster, the bankruptcy of the 76ers and Nets...

The waltz of the head coach in the NBA started: Brooks, Thibodeau, Walton and Atkinson

The waltz of the coaches has just started and has already led to four changes on the benches of the Wizards, Timberwolves, Lakers and Nets. Waiting to understand what will be Kings, Knicks, Pacers and Rockets, unless there is more surprises, you can begin to get an idea about the future of the franchises...


The protagonists of the week the NBA: the rebirth of Kyle Lowry, the resurrection of John Wall

Who would have ever thought that Kyle Lowry would be improved, so as to be able to say that, at the age of 29 and after 10 seasons in the NBA, are playing the best basketball of his career. The nearly 18 points and 7 assists kept the media in the last two seasons seemed to be the maximum achievable,...