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New year, new books at the Book Lover's Club Verona

The holidays are officially over for all, and with the arrival of autumn (the temperature now does not give us escape) it is time also to get back to talking about books. Here are the dates of the third edition of the Book Lover's Club of Verona and the first book that we will read and discuss them together....


The app to read books: the best platforms

The app for reading books are definitely the perfect solution for those who love reading at any time and in any place. Nothing to remove to the paper format, which is always the best way to read, but these applications allow you to facilitate us to read in certain situations. In fact, it can often be...

Read books on the holiday for the boys of the secondary schools, here are the most beautiful

What are the books to read on holiday for the boys of the secondary schools? In this age group, the boys often use your smartphone, pc, tablet, and sometimes devote very little time to read. It is important that you take the time to devote to reading, choosing the right books. Schools, after all, a stage...