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Guide the Basis of the Manufacturer's level 4: What to upgrade first, How to deal with defenses, strategies, and developments in the troops

In this guide we will explain how to best deal with the Base Constructor with the Hall of the Builder level 4: we will illustrate the steps to follow to get the maximum and be able to maximize gold and elixir pink without having to buy gems and spend money. We will explain and advise you of those that...

Super PEKKA, Cannon wheels, Witch Night: Video and how to attack on Clash of Clans

The new troops Clash of Clans seem to come directly from a cartoon! Despite the fact that these are tremendously powerful and fearsome, in this article we show you how to work Super PEKKA, Witch, Night, and the Cannon wheel (in addition to Bombardier is that many of you already know because it comes...


Skill list the Troops in the Base of the Manufacturer: Features and Statistics

In the Base of the Builder, the master builder, has the knowledge appropriate to enhance greatly the troops as we were accustomed to know: thanks to the Laboratory of Stellar, we have the possibility of evolving the troops to an advanced stage by activating hidden abilities that make them incredibly...

List new full the new update the Basis of the Manufacturer

The much anticipated and awaited update has arrived and leads us to the discovery of the new Basis of the Manufacturer! This fantastic new place is run by the master builder. It is the only manufacturer present across the sea, but his incredible talent has allowed him to design some sensational innovations....

The advanced guide Clan Battles: tips, Tricks, Strategies, Tactics, and Types of deck

Clan Battles open up a whole new world dedicated to the collaboration and the support in timing of an ally on the field of play 2 against 2. You're reading a guide is highly competitive and advanced, which probably will help you to make yourself even more expert in this side of the Clash Royale.