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The rain and the wind, you flip a boat in a lake in Brezzo. Saved seven germans, a 14-year-old

A misadventure that happened yesterday evening, Thursday, August 23, a group of seven germans in Brezzo di Bedero, in the waters off the restaurant Level Sushi. At around 22.30, in fact, the boat on which they were on board to return on the piedmont side of the lake was reversed because of the rain and...

Mystery on the coast of Vada, in a boat on the drift but no one on board, disappeared on a entrepreneur

In the early hours of the afternoon of yesterday, Tuesday, August 21, a sailing boat is beached on the coast of Vada, province of Livorno. According to the latest news, the boat is not carrying any person on board. Thus was born a great mystery. We know that the coast Guard of Livorno has immediately...


Porto Ceresio is a great success for the boat trip. You will replicate

A real success that recorded from the boat trip, organized thanks to the collaboration between the tourist office of the municipality of Porto Ceresio and the shipping Company of the Lake of Lugano, was held in the day on Sunday. The exit, which allowed the participants to navigate the waters of the...