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The table games of Star Wars on offer on Amazon

Waiting to finally be able to get their hands on Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition, the sequel to the frantic boardgame of space combat set in the Star Wars universe expected to be in September, I propose three table games of Star Wars that would be the case with take home thanks to offers on these titles...


First impressions on the new GdT of Feudalism and Freedom: 1347 – The Black Plague Boardgame

Monatti, auction the secret, consolation prizes and the inevitable Black Plague. The ingredients for a great board game key medieval seem to be all of them.In fact, this is the basic idea of 1347 – The Black Plague Boardgame, the new strategic game Feudalism and Freedom presented for the first time at...

Feudalism and Freedom presents his first GdT: 1347 – The Black Plague Boardgame

The associates, to the battle!Feudalism and Freedom, lands on the panorama of the board with a new board game by the name of the all evocative: 1347 – The Black Plague Boardgame.The announcement came from the page Facebook of the famous blog, that has made the encounter between the contemporary world...