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Bloody Sails: the clan vikings will compete for the dominion of the Kingdoms of the Nordic – Preview

Sound the horns of battle! The Viking ships of the Bloody Sails are about to set sail for the seas, in the nordic in order to reach our tables. This project, an all-Italian, by Luca Trestle and illustrated by Sara Bardi and Christian Students, in fact, will be the subject of a Kickstarter campaign that...

Civilization: A New Dawn – once in the guide of historical civilizations... on our table!

It is stronger than me, when someone asks me “Hey, what do we do tonight?” I can but answer (quoting a well-known cartoon of the ’90s) “what we do every night, try to conquer the world!”. And why do I say this? Because for a few weeks, I've forced anyone who later asked me to take over the world [...]The...