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Lily Collins made blonde

Photo: @ Instagram/ Lily CollinsWe do not know if the change of look is due to the needs of the script or to a personal desire to change, but one thing is certain, Lily Collins, the blond did the soul good.The actress has posted on Instagram a selfie that shows her with the new hair and commented:“I...

Selena Gomez has a new look for the AMAs 2017

Photo: @ Instagram/ Anna CollinsApparently for Selena Gomez this is a time of changes!After having said goodbye to mate The Weeknd, and be back in the arms of Justin Bieber, the singer has decided to radically change his look and move on to an original blond!The opportunity presented itself thanks to...

Demi Lovato has made blonde

Photo: @ Instagram/ Demi LovatoDemi Lovato has decided to give a renewed look and has made by changing the color of his hair.After you have flaunted for months, hair dark, the star of “Camp Rock” has opted for a solid blond and extension moves. Do you like it?The 24-year-old is preparing for her gap...