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“Are gay-for-Apple's fault”, the bizarre accusation of a user Russian

In the course of its history, Apple has faced hundreds of lawsuits against third-party companies and users, but we'd never have expected what is happening in Russia, where a user accuses Apple of having made homosexual. The user Russian claims that the policies of the App Store too lassiste pushed them...


Bitcoin: lost 200 million dollars for a password

And this for the fact that the executive director and co-founder, died suddenly towards the end of last year — taking the passwords and recovery keys for the computer itself.So the Bitcoin and other criptovalute, for a value of nearly $200 million, are now locked in a so-called wallet is in cold storage,...

Wallet bitcoin: here are the best

A wallet Bitcoin can be described roughly as a account where they deposited their savings in a digital way (using the criptovaluta of course). With one of these wallets installed on your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can have access to money so they can buy, send them to other wallets, and why not, also...