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Screams from outside the house to disqualification of Clizia Incorvaia now reflects: Zequila recommends that you cite the movie The traitor

In the house of Big Brother VIP 4 it is happening all over. And if it is true that in this edition no helicopter flew over the house to give the news to the protagonists ( a demonstration of how little loved and followed contestants of this reality show) the old methods always work. Yesterday, for example,...

Adriana Volpe defends Denver: “Have [email protected] the outside from a pot” and the public asks #cliziafuori

Does not subside the wave of controversy after the ones that were the phrases spoken by Clizia Incorvaia on the 22nd of February 2020. On the social of the rest circulating a video in which you hear the audio of the authors of the GF VIP who comment on the words of Hazel calling it awful. Parry equal...


Serena Enardu the vitriol against Patrick and Montovolo: “Not worth nothing, they have nothing to tell”

Just a few hours ago we told each other about what is going on in the house of Big Brother VIP 4 in view of the next bet. On February 21, 2020 may come out satisfied that it is in the televoting with Licia. Patrick, Andrea Montovolo and Andrea Denver in the last hours, they talked about what might happen...