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GF VIP NEWS, Giulia de Lellis a new plane from Andrea, but she is disappointed (VIDEO)

Busy day for the politi of Rome that fly with messages on the house of Big Brother Vip! Also to Giulia de Lellis is now a new plane. Like every 23rd of the month is celebrated and in November comes the message of Andrea Damante for the beautiful finalist of Big Brother Vip. A plane flies over the house...


GF VIP News: Jeremias Rodriguez and Sara are together again now they are a couple (PHOTOS)

A few days after his elimination from Big Brother Vip, Jeremias Rodriguez has found love outside the house of the reality show of Channel 5. I have a better way, she found love again. Jeremias, in fact, was paparazzato, while walking in the streets of Milan, in the company of his ex-girlfriend, the lovely...

GF VIP News: Ignazio Moser in crisis after the revelation of Giulia, she is afraid that Cecilia will come back to the Mount

Latest news from the house of Big Brother Vip: night thoughts for Ignazio Moser has thought a lot about what Cecilia Rodriguez is doing outside the house. Moser, throughout the day spoke of his “girlfriend” of how much the miss you and also all of his concerns. And then came the night. Ignatius tried...