Big brother vip 4

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Antonio Zequila yearns for the final of the GF VIP 4 but the odds are against him

As you may have seen by following the live Big Brother VIP 4, or even simply seeing the day time broadcast on Channel 5, Antonio Zequila does not hide his great desire to reach the final ! The problem is that this week is the televoting with two of the most beloved characters of the fourth edition of...


GF Vip 4 televoting, nomination mechanism with chain: someone is there and there's a lite live

Last night, Wednesday 25 march 2020, is to be aired in a new and crackling episode of Big Brother Vip 4. Many topics of the evening, by the Coronavirus until the election of the second finalist of the reality show. To discuss are the new nominations. Competitors vip that are finished to the televoting...

GF Vip 4, who are the nominees in the seventeenth installment: the three women in the televoting

That episode, the seventeenth of Big Brother Vip! Between quarrels any, between the deletions and the first finalist, there were also, of course, the new nominations. How they voted our vipponi and why they decided to name their certain companions of adventure in the reality show of Channel 5? Let's...