Big brother vip 3

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Big Brother Vip 3 the nominees of the eighth episode: two pairs to the televoting

How it ended the episode of Big Brother Vip 3? The illusion of a reality that starts at a decent schedule and that greets us before the one was only for one night. Yesterday, the Big Brother Vip 3 has begun shamefully to 21,44 and is terminated after the one. Once again a time to use and own consumption....


Giulia Salemi and Francesco Monte: what happened in the suite?

Latest news from the world of Big Brother Vip 3. As you may recall, in the direct Monday, Giulia has won a prize: you can spend some time in the suite in the company of a person from her choice. Obviously the person chosen by Giulia Salemi is Francesco Monte. The two together were guests of the suite...

Big Brother Vip 3 is the war between Maria Monsè and the Marquise: “you are here only because Lory del Santo has had a tragedy”

As was to be expected, in the house of Big Brother Vip 3 after the entrance of Mary Monsè has unleashed a real war with the marchesa Daniela Aragon. The Monsè and the marchesa last night had proved that, as often happens in the direct, to be able to manage the situation but already this morning, things...