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Lory Del Santo in tears thinking of the children: ‘I have no regrets’

Lory Del Santo has had a moment of discouragement, in the past few days, thinking about their children and told to have no regrets. Big Brother Vip, the decision of Lory Del Santo Lory Del Santo was hit by a grievous mourning last summer. His son, Loren took his own life. The actress had [...]The article...


Karina Cascella against the GF Vip, the declarations of a pundit against Martina Hamdy and the authors of the reality show

Karina Cascella, after the exit of Martina Hamdy from Big Brother Vip, he took the opportunity to express his opinions on the girl and on the reality. Karina Cascella against Martina Hamdy: ‘Martina who?’ In the latest episode of Big Brother Vip live on Channel 5, Martina Hamdy has definitely left the...

Jane Alexander, the first interview after the GF Vip: the relationship with Gianmarco, Elijah, and his son Damiano

Jane Alexander breaks the silence and speaks about his boyfriend Gianmarco and his relationship with Elia Fongaro in a long interview granted to the weekly magazine Chi. Big Brother Vip, Jane Alexander, divided between Gianmarco and Elijah's adventure in The Big Brother Vip for Jane Alexander is over....