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“Mechatronics,” the pride of the territory, after 15 years the Ghiringhelli and I. S. I. S “the City of Luino” still together

School, work and future. Three simple words that often, in these years of crisis, are not in tune with each other. It is not so, however, when in Luino you think of the educational project “Mechatronics”, set up in 2002 by the then president of the I. T. I. S. di Luino, now I. S. I. S. “City of London”,...


Luino, “Mechatronics”: the Friday the delivery of the certificates to the boys of the I. S. I. S. “City of Luino”

Friday, may 12, at 18, at the Civic Library in the town of Luino, there will be the delivery of the certification of the two-year course in Mechatronics to the students in the class 5A electronic – automation of the “Città di Luino – C. Volontè”. Luino, “Mechatronics”: the Friday the delivery of the...

Luino, on Saturday, a little trip to listen to The “voice of women”

The female figure in the music is fundamental to a variety of factors. In the context of a music business and music dominated by men, the proposal of the video/concert “The voice of women” aims at exalting the woman in the role, even noble, of the muse, but as the true and absolute protagonist in the...