Belen Rodriguez

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Cecilia Rodriguez frightened: ‘I'm worried for my sister Belen’

Despite his love affair with the former cyclist Ignazio Moser goes great, there is something that troubles you very much Cecilia Rodriguez. The argentine model is worried about her older sister Belen that, some years ago, has helped so much to reach Italy and start a new life. But the reason for which...


“Cover up, disgusting!”: Belen, e-mail the photo with the stretch marks for error, a rain of insults for her

It is not among the most popular Belen Rodriguez, but his last shot also elicited many comments of support. The beautiful argentina) posted the photo of his thighs, forgetting to use photoshop and showing the imperfections Also Belen Rodriguez imperfect. To reveal it is one of the last shots of the beautiful...

Paola Ferrari insults Belen Rodriguez: “she's Clever, rich and devoid of any talent...”

Does not send her to say Paola Ferrari in Belen Rodriguez. On her, the Ferrari has used words very heavy, the insults to which surely the showgirl will answer Not has been very sweet with Belen Rodriguez, Paola Ferrari. The sports journalist has ever endured, the showgirl argentina, and in television,...