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Beijing Express 2016 second episode: Tina Cipollati against all, Lory del Santo and Marco are back in the game

Is success really all in the second episode of Pechino Express 2016 aired on September 19, 2016, and as has also happened in the first appointment, our dear Tina Cipollati was the protagonist. Last week we left it far too many times struggling with the food, in this case, however, the columnist of Men...


Tina Cipollati super star in Beijing Express with the tactics of the deadbolt overcomes everything

We knew that Tina Cipollati would have given him great satisfaction in this edition of Peking Express, and not were wrong: the commentator of Men and Women amazes everyone, but especially makes me laugh, crazy. His technique is very simple and it was just as easy to study it in the first episode of Pechino...

Beijing Express 2016 unveiled in a sneak preview of the pairs of the fifth edition: all the news

To play in advance at home Beijing Express, this time the advances, drivers still arrive before someone can give some spoilers, even if in reality there is little new. From the social pages of the program of Rai 2 and from the official website of the Beijing Express 2016 continue to receive all the latest...