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All allegations of Dalila Branzani to Eleonora Rocchini: by betrayals, the lies passing for the accident

They were like sisters, by their own admission. Today, wage war on social. What happened between Eleanor Rocchini and Delilah Branzani, the sister of her ex-boyfriend? It is what you are asking for a lot of fans of the couple born in the study of Men and Women after what happened in the last few hours...


By the Afternoon, 5 the allegations of Giulia Napolitano, and Amber Lombardo: “he Has betrayed Kikò in Homes at least two times”

Continues the saga that must protagonists Kikò Nalli, despite himself, Amber Lombardo, Gaetano Arena, and also his ex, Giulia Napolitano. In the episode of the Afternoon 5 today, 14 November 2019, precisely Giulia and Gaetano were the protagonists of the programme of Channel 5. Gaetano, also in this...

Tina Cipollati to the MCS between pounds lost and plans for the future with the knowledge of the Men and Women in his house

Among the protagonists of the episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show broadcast on the 13th of November 2019 also Tina Cipollati who appeared to be in great shape in the studio of Channel 5. The beautiful columnist who has been accepted by a large heat of the audience with a kind of ovation during the...