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Belen Rodriguez without any shame, open the skirt and show everyone the photos of the boiling becomes viral

Belen Rodriguez is a showgirl and very much loved not only for its beauty, but also for his sense of humor and his many talents. The photo that we show, however, focuses primarily on show you one in particular: the seduction Belen Rodriguez is very active on social: the showgirl often public on Instagram...


“Milan Fashion Week”, the classical culture as a tool to analyze the contemporary

On which shelf of the immense library of universal classical culture, it is appropriate to bring your index to extrapolate through the reading individual pills of reflection on the concept of beauty, creating parallels between the origins, in the pages written by great thinkers and philosophers, and...

Photoshopped, ordinary people like celebrities

Here we need a physical beast. With Photoshop it is easily done. Just believe it and maybe you end up portraits on a gigantofrafia advertising Calvin Klein or Emporio Armani. Here's the fun experiment conducted by BuzzFeed with four young men is not really performing.

Hot in the inbox? Don't get caught unprepared and choose the right deodorant

Can prevent, reduce or mask the sweating and the consequent development of bad odours. Are deodorants, companions of our days, and indispensable help throughout the year, but especially in the summer. But which one to choose? There are really a lot, for every need and preference.The air fresheners, in...