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Tom Holland shaves the face on social

Photo: @ Instagram/ Tom HollandDon't call it shaved (or maybe yes), because there is a secret behind the smooth skin of Tom Holland!The Spider-Man of the big screen, in fact, does not renounce to shave the face even if, by his own admission, there would be very little to cut away to shots of the razor.“Often...

Gerard Butler needs to cut the beard

Photo: @ Instagram/ Gerard ButlerThe beard has always been the calling card of Gerard Butler, but this time the actor has exaggerated.The protagonist of “300” has posted on Instagram a selfie with her in a bedroom with a beard long and uncombed.“I think it's time to give her a cut,” said Gerard.And already!

Philips Grooming App: Beards are always perfect for fans and cosplayers

Philips Grooming App: Beards are always perfect for fans and cosplayers

The Philips Grooming App and the beard 2.0, the technology at the service of style Whether it is the goatee groomed and defined with the Tony Stark, the bushy beard and “mature” views in the last Logan (without forgetting the unmistakable beard and basettoni of Wolverine), the appearance of a bohemian...

Why men have beards?

The question is the following: “Why do men have beards?”. The answer is much less simple than you might think. In the animal world, although in all species males are more hairy compared to the females, it is difficult to find such a large discrepancy between the one and the other.The answer to the question,...

David di Donatello 2016: the protagonists and their beauty secrets

ALESSANDRO CATTELAN Is the conductor of the first David di Donatello plaque Sky. Man of the network, now showman, affirmed, and loved by critics and audiences, Cattelan started his career in tv in 2001, then moved and consolidated to MTV in 2004. From 2011 he is the front man of the X Factor, but his...

The beard and hair from(the) Oscar

The red carpet of the Dolby Theatre did not confirm some of the trends in progress for some time: the return to the classic, with short hair and medium-short with a line in part impomatata or well phonati in a clump that has a wave; the beard is not long, and not even ‘the day after’, a supposedly ‘uncultured’,...