Battlefield 1

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The DLC They Shall Not Pass Battlefield 1 is now free for all

Battlefield 1 is prepared to say symbolically bid farewell to his community. In June, in fact, SAYS and Electronic Arts will stop publishing new content and support monthly to the FPS was released ...The article The DLC They Shall Not Pass Battlefield 1 is now free for all has just been released on Uagna:...


Emergency patches for Battlefield 1 after the Apocalypse, what resolves

Battlefield 1 has received a emergency patches that fixes some problems introduced in the DLC Apocalypse. In fact, this latter has, unfortunately, introduced a bug of stuttering, that is, delays or irregular timing between frames rendered by the GPU, rather obvious to all players of Battlefield 1. This...

Battlefield 1: it's the new expansion?

In the last hours it was revealed the trailer of the new expansion of Battlefield 1, game home EA. The FPS was developed by the Swedish dice and between the peculiarities sees ...The article Battlefield 1: here is the new expansion Apocalypse was just released on Uagna: news, reviews, previews, guides...