Barbara D'urso

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Rocco Siffredi to Live with the son is a revelation shock: after the funeral is done the old lady?

Yesterday evening, Sunday, 20 October 2019, was aired in the early evening on Canale 5, a new and crackling episode of the Live – it is Not the d'urso. Many of the arguments of the appointment fixed with the program. Among the guests in the studio of Barbara d Urso Rocco Siffredi has decided to deal...

Lite Columbro-D'urso: the Tapir gold

Marco Columbro: “I'm sorry, but I have heard it used to make you listen to” This evening to Strip the news (Channel 5, h. 20.35) Marco Columbro receives the Tapir gold for the lite with Barbara d'urso during the episode of the Live – it is Not the d'urso on Sunday. The conduit, intercepted by Valerio...