Avengers infinty war

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We admire the creation of Stormbreaker, the new weapon of Thor in Avengers: Infinity War

Thor, the god of thunder, in the Cinematic Universe Marvel has always used the Mjolnir, the hammer, the sacred in norse mythology that can be lifted only by him who is worthy and who is one of the artifacts the most powerful of the whole universe. We admire the blacksmiths Man at Arms while performing...


The Cinematic Universe Marvel is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a video

In 2008, the arrogant but sympathetic exaggeration of Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark gave away, with its fantastic Iron Man, the adventure the official of the House of Ideas on the big screen. Here's the official video of the Marvel Studios, which is celebrating 10 years of the Film Universe Marvel...

Avengers: Infinity War, a new poster, the official confirmation of the arrival of Captain Marvel

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters for over a month, but the promotional campaign of the cinecomic Marvel on the Avengers, the apotheosis of the 10 years of the MCU, it does not cease to give advances, and, as in this case, some spoilers “authorized”, that spoilers may ruin the experience to those...