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Australia also wants to pay more taxes to Apple

After the Europe, Australia starts to move to ask for clarification of multinational companies, which, through a series of subterfuges, to the limit of the legal, pay very few taxes in the country. For example, in Australia, Apple has paid a tax rate gross of a little more than 1% during 2015, as confirmed...

From Australia with love. Sophia Bella Cruz photographed by Davide Ambroggio

Who discovered who? I don't remember. But me and Sophia, we're looking at quite a bit. One day I wrote in the chat “we must shoot together!”. Nice story but Sophia Bella Cruz lives in Australia, more or less the other side of the universe, so I thought “cool” but then I have not given weight to the thing. Instead,...

Some australian banks are boycotting Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is officially available in Australia some day, but right now there were early problems: several banks would be deliberately boycotting the mobile payment service created by Apple, so much so that some politicians have called for the opening of an investigation antitrust. According to the allegations,...