Aurora ramazzotti

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Aurora Ramazzotti dinner with the in-laws, it speaks of the preparations for the wedding with Geoffrey (Photos)

The dream of Michelle Hunziker to see her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti always beside Goffredo Cerza, and maybe even a mother may be realized in a short time, the magazine Diva e Donna speaks of the preparations for the wedding (photos). If the Winner has given his approval to his daughter on the bond with...


Aurora Ramazzotti shows the b-side on Instagram and ends up in the crosshairs of the haters: do you Want to imitate Michelle

Aurora Ramazzotti you are enjoying these days of summer holidays in the company of her friends and her boyfriend Goffredo and, as it often does, documenting it all on social. Between a post and the other, the beautiful daughter of Michelle Hunziker has also decided to post a photo of his side b, while...

Aurora Ramazzotti recycle the dress for the wedding of Michelle Hunziker, return to the emotions of 5 years ago (Photos)

It is always the most beautiful Aurora Ramazzotti who stole Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti sides the most beautiful and that in a period so hard for his dad and full of joy for her mom wearing it again the dress of wedding of the showgirl with Tomaso Trussardi (photo). Also Aurora Ramazzotti recycles...