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Russia and the U.s. comparison on Syria. Trump: “Assad is an animal.” Lavrov: “removing it would favor the Isis”

Continues to be a cause for concern, the situation in Syria, with Russia and the United States that even today, through their foreign ministers, have expressed their positions. If they agree on the need to initiate an investigation on the chemical attack in Syria, on the other hand, do not have the same...


Attack of the United States in Syria, 60 missiles against the air base. Among the victims, two civilians

The United States launched a missile attack in Syria hitting the air base Shayrat, in the western province of Homs, with around 60 cruise missiles. This is the first attack of United States against the government of Damascus and the inauguration of the president, Donald Trump. Attack of the United States...

Usa, Trump's ready for the war in Syria against Assad. The Pentagon currency raid

The president of the United States Donald Trump is considering the possibility of military action in Syria, in retaliation for the attack with chemical weapons. It said the same president to members of Congress, according to as reported by Cnn, citing sources. In the evening, the White House spokesman...