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Chic and Cheap: summer accessories in version low-cost (PHOTOS)

The summer is a beautiful season, even for the accessories that should be shown off absolutely. Elegant, cute and colorful, and without them the look would never be perfect. Here is what are those must-haves for the 2016 summer wear in the city or for a particular occasion, of course, in version low-cost....


Chic&Cheap: how to imitate the style of Victoria Beckham version of the low-cost (PHOTOS)

Who would not want to dress up as the wife of former player David Beckham? Victoria, even though it is not as beautiful as the husband, has a style that is the envy of. Always been fascinated by the world of fashion, so much so that, after leaving the Spice Girl, has created a clothing line of her own....

All models trikini for the summer of 2016 (PHOTO)

The trikini is a great solution for those who do not want to discover too much at the sea. As the same word says, is composed of three pieces: the pants, high or low, the above, which may be either a strip or triangle, and then a third part that goes to lightly cover the belly and hips, rejoining the...