Arena 11

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Deck Giant Royale, Witch of the Night, the Barbarians Chosen for Arena 10, Arena 11

Since his debut, the Witch Night you made love to all those who have had the good fortune or the skill to be able to use it in your deck. There are countless combos that you can create with this paper legendary, but the one that is finding the most positive feedback is definitely the pairing of the Giant...


Deck Witch of the Night, Tamer of wild Boar for Arena 9, Arena 10, Arena 11, and Alloys

The Witch night is a troop of very formidable especially given its low cost and its great skill in battle, thanks to the coupled to a Tamer of wild Boars you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a combo is deadly, able to challenge any enemy. The Deck Witch of the Night, Tamer of wild Boars...

Deck Witch of the Night, the Mastiff and the hot air Balloon, for Arena 8, Arena 9 Arena 10 Arena 11

In this new deck Lavaloonion we are going to find a new entry in the Witch Night: this paper underestimated by the most allows you to have a huge advantage on their side, the numerous bats that serve as tiny puppies lava. We find the Deck Witch of the Night, the Mastiff and the hot air Balloon, for Arena...

2 Deck most used with Golems, Barbarians Chosen for Arena 11 and Alloys: March, April 2017

When a deck has great potential takes over and spreads at a great speed especially when it comes to alloys, or arenas where winning is not important but essential: in this article, we describe two prototypes of decks among the most used scale in Leagues and Arenas, high, Deck Golem + Barbarians Chosen.