Arena 10

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Deck Arena 10 and 11 with the Mastiff Lava, Miner, Minion, and Balloon

Do you want to meet, or exceed, quickly the Arena 10, the Mountain Boar, and, maybe, get to the Arena 11? If you're new to this range of cups, you'll know that the troops flying must be to the greater as the majority of players use ground troops. Let's discover together the Deck Arena 10 Arena 11 with...


3 Deck stronger to Mount the Boar, Arena 10

Mount wild Boar, or Arena to 10, from 13 march 2017 is officially on the level that precedes the Arena Legendary. To be able to access it), it is necessary to have an elevation of 3000 trophies, and to go to the next one you will need 3800. In this guide we will comment on 3 decks we know are suitable...

3 New Leagues in the Clash Royale, and the New Arena Mount wild Boar + VIDEO

As has been announced in the Sneak Peek #3, there will be a new Arena available on the Clash Royale: the Arena Mount wild Boar (or Mountain Tamer), which will be split into leagues and from 3800 trophies will be available at the Arena Legendary that will take on a completely new graphics. We have collected...