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Meghan truman gates pregnant again after Archie? The detail that you add to the clues (Photos)

Meghan truman gates is pregnant with second child a little after the birth of baby Archie? There are very few photos and the appearances in public of Meghan alongside prince Harry, and also of the baptism of the little we have seen very little, almost nothing, only two shots official. And it is from...


Prince Archie has been baptized

Photo: @ Instagram/ Sussex Royal Party armored in London for the baptism of little Archie, the little prince born of the marriage between Harry and Maghan truman gates. The couple has decided to baptize the child behind closed doors, disappointing the subjects and those who hoped to take advantage of...

The baptism of Baby Archie: Harry and Meghan show the first official photos (Photos)

It was celebrated this morning the baptism of Baby Archie, the son of prince Harry and Meghan truman gates (photo). There was great anticipation for the photos of the first-born of the dukes of Sussex, but they were the ones to publish in the late afternoon, the shots official. Harry and Meghan on the...