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Deck for Arena, 1 with Prince, the Bomber, the Horde of Skeletons

The arena, 1 should not be underestimated, given that everyone who starts playing Clash Royale will aim to accumulate trophies as quickly as possible. In this article, we describe a deck created specifically for the first Arena, taking advantage of the charge, and the power of the Prince, the devastating...


Deck the barbarians chosen, the Golem of ice and Tamer for a massive Challenge

To win the massive Challenge and is one of the desires the most coveted by those who play in the Clash Royale. Getting the fateful 12 wins you would have access to a rich reward in gold coins, and cards. Of course, to achieve this goal it is necessary to create a deck that is particularly powerful.

Deck, Arena 10, Arena 11 Giant Royale, the Barbarians Chosen, the Spirit of the ice

The best way to get to the Arena 11, Arena Legendary, and the 4000 cups to access the Alloys of the Clash Royale is to exploit and climb into the Arena 10, Mount wild Boar, to accumulate huge experience of combat, and that's one of the best decks in circulation.