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Ready to capture ghosts in augmented reality? Is coming Ghostbusters World! [Video]

Tired of catching Pokémon in the streets of the city? Maybe you could move the focus on... ghosts! Is coming on the App Store but also Google Play) Ghostbusters World, new game in augmented reality, which seems to recall much the mechanics of the successful Pokémon GO.Sony's announcement comes immediately...


Tim Cook: "this is why HomePod is different than the competition"

Yesterday, Apple has finally revealed the launch date of the HomePod, its first smart speaker. Tim Cook, currently in Canada, has released an interview with the Financial Post talking about the app in augmented reality and, more precisely, of the HomePod.With regard to the smart speaker, Cook said that...

IPhone 8 with a system of Rear-Facing 3D Laser, to improve the autofocus and the support to app AR | Rumor

Apple's increasingly close to the world of AR. According to new rumors, the iPhone 8 could be characterized by a system of Rear-Facing 3D Laser. Apple is working on a system that is rear-facing 3D laser, that will ensure a better recognition of the depth for the AR applications, and a better autofocus...