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Bad North: manage the defences and fight for the victory

Arrives on the App Store on the “Bad North”, title roguelite a real-time tactical, in which you'll have to take command and lead your kingdom to victory.In search of a beautiful roguelite a real-time tactical? Then you can not do without download the new title for the iPhone and iPad, Bad North. With...


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is available on the App Store

Arrives officially on the App Store the update for Fortnite, which introduces Chapter 2 of the popular game online.Link to the original article: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is available on the App Store

Addams Family Mystery Mansion: build your house from the nightmare

By the authors Pixowl arrives on the App Store the new game for the iPhone and iPad, entitled, “the Addams Family Mystery Mansion”, where you can collect all the characters in the more well-known family from the nightmare never existed.Among the new games released on the App Store, will also figure the...

Track Mayhem: a race endless on board of a space vehicle, futuristic

“Track Mayhem” you'll have to face a race of chills on board a spacecraft of futuristic, an infinite journey composed of 10 levels.Among the new proposals of the week there is also the title Track Mayhem, fast-paced game for the iPhone and iPad that will allow you to drive a space vehicle for a futuristic...